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About Me

 I studied music through college and graduated with a BA in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Northern Colorado in 2001. As music has been an integral part of my life from a young age, it is natural that sound and vibration resonate with me. Additionally, I always been drawn to esoteric, holistic, and alternative modalities for both healing and spiritual expression.


My Spiritual Journey has been defined over a period of nearly 30 years of repeating cycles punctuated with relationship strife, personal trauma, tragedy and loss.  It has been through energy work and learning a variety of methods to heal myself that I have been able to break negative cycles and shift to a higher vibration; bringing peace, prosperity and happiness to my daily experience.  It was on my path of self discovery and renewal that  I was led to Angelic Reiki and subsequently Holographic Sound Healing.

During my first Reiki attunement I was called to my purpose as a healer and facilitator: to help others connect with their higher selves, to find their connection to Divine Energy, and to facilitate alignment that allows for the body's natural healing to take place. Based on my background in music, I am excited to incorporate sound healing into my practice and I enjoy applying classical music theory to the spiritual and energetic aspects of sound healing.     


My practice and service is non-denominational, seeking connection to Higher Self and Source through Divine Love and energies of 100 percent Pure Light.  All intentions are prefaced for only the Highest and Greatest Good of all involved. 

Assorted Crystals
Precious Stone
Healing Stones

My Purpose

My mission is to provide healing products, services, and guidance to facilitate and support the spiritual growth and well-being of my clients as they recognize and contribute their own Light into this world.  Through a variety of alternative treatments and approaches, I unlock the potential of self-healing, and aligned energy, allowing you to live, work, and play at your highest potential!  Trust your ability to heal and allow yourself to feel better than you ever imagined possible. 

Healing Stones

My Modalities


Angelic Reiki, Certified Master Teacher

Angelic Reiki is a natural, high frequency, multidimensional system of Angelic Healing and consciousness expansion that allows connection through the Angelic Kingdom of Light to your Soul energy in order to bring through powerful healing. What sets Angelic Reiki healing apart is the pure Divine vibration that is stepped down through the Angelic Kingdom during a treatment to focus powerfully on root causes. The scope of the session can extend to include multi-dimensional healing across generations and lifetimes. Distance or remote healing is equally, and often more, powerful given that energy is not bound by time or space and healing can be sent anywhere in the world through the ether.  

Holographic Sound Healing, Certified Master Practioner

This is the art of creating and using sound multi-dimensionally and is known as "Holographic Sound." Holographic Sound is an expansion of sound or music vibration into its sacred geometric, multidimensional and infinite form, bringing the sound to its true and natural state of being. This process creates an exponential energy or vibration beyond third dimensional understanding. Working with Angelic Realms to manifest health in the physical body and inner spirit by blending crystal singing bowls and vocal harmonics to access the healing vibration of sound and music in its multi-dimensional, holographic form. This is known as "Holographic Sound Healing.

Other modalities and certifications

Many other modalities may be blended or utilized as they are called for intuitively or if a particular modality resonates with a client. In particular, I often utilize crystals and crystal grids, pendulums, or other sound and vibrational devices. I hold certifications in the following: Angel Oracle Reading Practioner, Belief Clearing Practioner, Ho'oponopono Practioner, Chakra Healing Practioner, Crystal Master Certification, and Law of Attraction

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